A Chiang-Mai Article

A new article by Pijika Pumketkao and Karine Peyronnie about the heritage of Chiang-Mail is being published in the revue Mousson. It deals with the linguistic registers designating the urban and architectural heritage in Thailand, according to the actors (government institutions, heritage protection associations).

At Chiang Mai, the association Little People in Conservation appropriates the international reference relating to “the participation of local community in the management of cultural heritage”, in order to value “the heritage of community” (moradok chumchon). The key findings from our study of the conservation project Feun Ban Yan Wieng – conception, intervention practices, enhancement of cultural assets – show the association leaders’ willingness to consider the importance of the relationship between the inhabitants, their living place and their daily practices. The cultural identity of Thai-Lanna claims underpined this project. In this way, the association renewed the professional approaches to the local heritage and widened the heritage lexicon.

Fabrication du parasol (chatra) du stupa dans l’atelier de ferronnerie du monastère Wat Phuak Tam
Source : Photo de Pijika Pumketkao, décembre 2015

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