MORNING, (9:00-12:00):

From 9.00 am: « Archivo Metropolitano de Historia » (AMH). La Circasiana Park.

The Archival City delegation (Vincent Lemire, Yann Potin, Anne-Rose de Fontainieu and Georges Lomné) visited the municipal archive collection stored since 1992 in the former private library of Jacinto Jijón y Caamaño located in La Circasiana Park. They were accompanied by Julio Echeverría, local coordinator of Archival City, Jaime Bustos (UASB), Carlos Espinosa (USFQ), Sara Caicedo (USFQ) and Jeroen Derkinderen Lombeyda (doctoral student at UASB).

Gabriela Ribadeneira, curator at the AMH, showed us the inexhaustible richness of this collection whose oldest documents date back to 1534. It is probably the most beautiful municipal archives in South America.

Gabriela Rivadeniera shows a colonial manuscript to Anne-Rose de Fontainieu, Jeroen Derkinderen Lombeyda and Sara Caicedo.
Gabriela Rivadaneira and Carlos Espinosa

From 10h00 to 11h00 :

-Visit of the library « Fray Ignacio de Quesada », at the convent of Santo Domingo. Presentation of a series of incunabula, including the first volume of the Polyglot bible of Paris (1645). This library contains 33,000 books and was restored six months after the earthquake of 2016.

Rosemarie Terán Najas (UASB), Trinidad Pérez (UASB), Sofía Checa (UASB), Gabriela Argüello (UASB) Erika Bedón (FLACSO) joined the delegation.

Presentation of the library. From left to right: Julio Echeverría, Rosemarie Terán Najas; Trinidad Pérez; Ramiro Endara; Carlos Espinosa; Guillermo Bustos.
Presentation of an incunabulum by the person in charge of the library. From left to right: Yann Potin; Vincent Lemire; Carlos Espinosa; Rosemarie Terán Najas; Trinidad Pérez; Gabriella Argüello

-Visit of the archives of the convent of Santo Domingo. Examination of the archives left in bulk by Fray Alfonso Jerves Machuca (1868-1952). Originally from Cuenca, this former Prior of the convent had an important political role at the end of the 19th century, opposing from the pulpit the liberal revolution of Eloy Alfaro. He later became a leading historian and paleographer. He was appointed Preacher General of the Order in 1947. He is the author of numerous works on the colonial origins of Quito. Classifying and inventorying this archive would be a great contribution to Ecuadorian historiography.

The unclassified archives of Fray Alfonso Jerves Machuca
Rosemarie Terán Najas and Ramiro Endara

-Visit of the library and archives of the Convent of San Agustín. Presentation by Vérónica Dávila and Ramiro Endara of the restoration work in progress (incunabula and manuscripts) of the Conservartecuador Foundation. The San Agustín archives are of considerable interest to historians of Ecuador’s Independence. In fact, it was in this convent that its beginnings took place as early as August 1809.

Verónica Dávila shows an antiphonary to the members of the delegation
Vincent Lemire in the library of the convent of San Agustín
Yann Potin and Jeroen Derkinderen Lombeyda in the library of the convent of San Agustín
Archive material. Convent of San Agustín.

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