Back to the sources : archival research and research archives

Monday 6 July 2020, 14h-18h (13h-17h in France): transversal seminar CRFJ – ARCHIVAL-CITY

[ remotely accessible via zoom: find the link on ]

Whether you are a historian, archaeologist, sociologist, philolgist or epigraphist, you are all dealing with “archives”, in the broad – and sometimes loose – sense of the term: those that you strip, those that you manage, those that you produce. The aim of this seminar is to cross-reference approaches and questions around a type of document that constitutes a primary source for some, a secondary source for others, with particular emphasis on the methodological issues of this delicate “return to sources”. With what questions should we approach these collections? How to exploit the archives of administrations and institutions, how to deal with the heterogeneous collections of scholars or researchers? Which archives generate our disciplines? What vision – or illusion – do they produce, particularly in relation to the artefacts and other material traces they study or document? How can they be valued, interconnected and made more accessible?

Introduction, Vincent Lemire (Director of the CRFJ)
14h00 – 14h15

Session 1: Archival Research
14:15 – 16:00

  • Vincent Lemire (CRFJ): “From OPEN-JERUSALEM to ARCHIVAL-CITY: opening and connecting urban archives”.
  • Chloé Rosner (Sciences-Po): “Archives and history of Israeli archaeology: feedback”.
  • Michaël Langlois (CRFJ): “Identifying and editing ancient archives: the cases of Qumran and Marésha”.

Discussant: Yann Potin (National Archives; Université Paris-Nord)

  • 16h00 – 16h15: Coffee break

Session 2: Research Archives
16:15 – 18:00

  • Julien Vieugué (CRFJ): “Digging the soil, stripping the archives: the archaeologist facing his deposits”.
  • Estelle Ingrand-Varenne (CRFJ): “Stone archives and paper archives: the epigraphist facing his footprints”.
  • Yann Potin (A.N.; Université Paris-Nord): “Research in the mirror of “its” archives: a challenge of indiscipline(s)? »

Discussant: Yoann Morvan (CRFJ)

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