Videos of “Living Archives for Sustainable Cities” closing conference


The “Living Archives for Sustainable Cities” closing conference took place on 9 and 10 November at the Université Gustave Eiffel.

Videos of the various panels and round tables are available below, as well as on the project’s Facebook page.


Video 1-First Day. 9 November 2023

00:12:11 – Welcoming remarks
00:18:33 – Introductory round table – Reflecting on city archives on an international scale: Archival City’s issues and methods
2:54:00 – Dispersed archives, competing memories: unveiling Quito
5:29:15 – Virtual reconstruction of archive collections: what medieval Bologna can teach us
7:30:41 – Documenting the ordinary city in transformation: reflections from Chiang Mai


Video 2-Morning session, 10 November 2023.

00:01:10 – Welcoming remarks

00:08:37 – Scattered archives, dislocated archives: Algiers between two shores

2:12:40 – From an archive portal to a 3D reconstruction of a disappeared neighbourhood: Jerusalem’s North African quarter


Video 3-Afternoon session, 10 November 2023.

00:03:20 – Administering the metropolis: thinking Greater Paris through archives
2:02:10 – Concluding panel – From fields to tools: past data for a resilient and inclusive city


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