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Database of 1960 Maps of Mueang Districts of Thailand

Prin Jhearmaneechotechai, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok

Published in Academic Journal of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, 2016

Translated for Archival City by Pijika Pumketkao,  École nationale supérieure architecture de Paris-Belleville


This article describes the creation of a cartographic database based upon the 1960 maps of 70 Mueang districts of Thailand that were recently discovered and studied. The database-creation process includes the search and compilation of the maps, the improvement of the maps’ condition, the creation of index of place names and other cartographic features on the maps which can be categorized in topographic context, types of buildings, archaeological sites and monuments and the road network. This database can be used for future study and research on Thai cities during the 1960s.

Keywords: database, City map, Cities in Thailand, 1960.

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Publication of the description of the corpus “Maghrebi Quarter” (Jerusalem) on AtoM

The description of the corpus “Maghrebi Quarter” of Jerusalem has recently been published on the AtoM platform of Open Jerusalem Mughrabi Quarter – OpenJerusalem.

The corpus corresponds to the images published in Vincent Lemire’s Au pied du mur. Vie et mort du Quartier maghrébin de Jérusalem (1187-1967) (Seuil, 2022) in addition to the documents that were not selected for the final publication.

The corpus includes 107 items, which are  divided, grouped and indexed according to their original documentary batches. The description concerns not only each item, but also their contexts (fonds/collections to which they belong, producers, storage locations).

There are a few new features compared with the corpus Open Jerusalem:

  • With regard to the archives:

-17 collections or fonds have been added, including 2 of the “RNYA” type (standing for “records not yet archived”: documents not yet archived, held by their producers, such as the archives of Dario Ingiusto or Vincent Lemire).

-10 new repositories have been created (among which Library of Congress, Archives nationales d’outre-mer, Archives du Comité international de la Croix Rouge…)

  • With regard to other documents:

-A « PPD » collection (“Publications and printed documents”) has been created: it refers to publications and printed documents comprising 11 references (including maps published in tourist guides, etc.).

CoreTeam Workshop in Jerusalem (24-28 March 2022)

From March 24 to 28, the Archival City CoreTeam met in CRFJ – Jerusalem ( to review the progress of the fields, to work on the future of the project and to meet with many local partners.

  • On Thursday 24th, a conference was held at the Ecole Biblique around Open Jerusalem and the publications “Au pied du Mur. Vie et mort du quartier maghrébin de Jérusalem (1187-1967)”, “Le moine sur le toit” and “A Liminal Church”. Stéphane Ancel, Vincent Lemire and Maria-Chiara Rioli presented their work. The video recording of the conference is fully accessible here
  • Friday 25th was devoted to discussions and presentations at CRFJ, on the fields of Jerusalem, Chiang Mai, Quito and Algiers, as well as discussions on the technical convergence of Open Jerusalem and Archival City, and the cross-cutting use of the 3D modeling tool on many terrains.
  • On the morning of Saturday 26th, the CoreTeam had the opportunity to visit privately the Holy Sepulchre, as well as the future Custody Museum still under construction. We also had the opportunity to be invited by Mr. Khader Salameh to visit the archives of the Khalidiyya Library. The Khalidiyya contains the largest private collection of Arabic manuscripts in Palestine
  • Saturday 26th in the afternoon, the progress of the Bologna and Greater Paris projects was discussed at CRFJ, as well as a presentation of the results of the Allegoria partner project.
  • On the morning of Sunday 27th, the Archival City CoreTeam enjoyed a private visit of the ongoing archaeological excavations under the Western Wall Plaza ; then another private visit of the Haram al-Sharif, the Dome of the Rock, the El Aqsa Mosque and the Islamic Museum. Finally, the Archival City CoreTeam had the exceptional opportunity to visit the restoration center of ancient manuscripts.
  • Sunday 27th in the afternoon, the Coreteam worked at CRFJ on the finalization of the call for papers for the future symposium “Ghost archives, shadow records” that will be organized by the Archival City Project in the fall 2022. To be continued !