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Video recording of the seminar « Inventer le Grand Paris »

The Archival City team working on the Grand Paris was present at the seminar « Inventer le Grand Paris », on Thursday, September 17, 2020.
Presentations and debates were recorded.

The first part is an introduction by Loic Vadelorge presenting the Archival City project and the issues specific to the field of Grand Paris.

The second part is a presentation of the Seine 54 project by Frédéric Moret, Paul Lecat and Emile Blettery.

Finally, Loic Vadelorge, Renaud Fuchs, Elsa Camus, Emmanuel Bellanger, Paul Lesieur presented the first progress of the administrative directories project.

The Great Paris in the Past

This video is taken from a presentation by Emile Blettery and Paul Lecat at Futures Days in November 2019. It presents the research work of the Seine 54 project, which aims at aggregating census data from the Seine department with the IGN’s aerial photography collection.
The presentation focuses in particular on the digitisation of data, the construction of a database and geographic information system, the georeferencing of aerial photographs and the development of the data covisualisation tool.
These data are then used in a case study on the shantytowns of Nanterre.