Elsa Camus

Elsa Camus graduated from the Master “Technologies appliquées à l’histoire” at the École nationale des chartes in 2013.

Her activities are divided between documentation, archiving and valorisation of heritage through digital technology: she has worked on digital publishing projects in XML-TEI (notably on “Manuscrito digital de Juan Goytisolo project” http://goytisolo.unibe.ch/ and “Petit Thalamus de Montpellier” http://thalamus.huma-num.fr/), but also on innovative projects in archives (on the PIAAF project at the National Archives https://piaaf.demo.logilab.fr/, and on the development of the sources guide of the Mémoloi project http://memoloi.huma-num.fr/sources-et-donnees/) and in university libraries (migration project of the digital library of the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées https://patrimoine.enpc.fr/– in progress).

She had been working on the Grand Paris Metropolis project in Archival City, on the modelling of a database on the administrative directories of the former Seine department (1791-1964), jointly run by the Archives of Paris, the historical Library of Ville de Paris and the Hôtel de Ville Library.

She was in charge of the archival coordination of the project until June 2021.

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