The study of the reconfigurations, destructions and relocations of the Algiers archives, as well as the lack of knowledge of many archived collections located in many places, are at the heart of the “Archival City – Algiers” project. This aims to establish a panorama and descriptions of the funds concerning Algiers from 1830 to 1960, of all types and scattered on both sides of the Mediterranean. In collaboration with researchers, archivists and architects from France and Algeria, Archival city is working to reconstitute and question the archival production of Algiers in order to

  • to decompartmentalize the fields of study (“orientalist”, colonial history, urban sociology, etc.).
  • to provide working tools (cartographies; biographical and statistical databases) to the entire scientific community as well as to anyone interested in the archives and history of Algiers.
  • to deepen the reflections on the nature of the archival-power relationship

Thierry Guillopé is in charge of the Algiers study field.

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