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The creation in 2016 of the Grand Paris Metropolis only confirms a long-term historical process. Paris has been living with a gigantic rural and industrial hinterland since modern times. To make the history of the metropolization process therefore implies articulating several scales of analysis that correspond to several types of archival deposits. To limit itself to the contemporary era, the Seine department, created in 1800 and dissolved on 1st January 1968, constitutes an exceptional documentary collection, used for a very long time by researchers but therefore the precise mapping of the collections remains partial.

With the aim of creating a portal for the archives of Greater Paris, Archival city will participate in the ongoing project to digitise administrative directories (annuaires) of the Seine department, jointly run by the Archives of Paris, the historical Library of Ville de Paris and the Hôtel de Ville Library. This will include prefiguring a platform for interconnecting existing research instruments and information on the city’s management services throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. It is hoped that in this way it will be possible to follow the genealogy of the Parisian administrations over the long term and link them to archival collections, allowing their longitudinal history.

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